Demo Specials Going on Now at Chevy Exchange


New Chevy Vehicle Demo Specials Highland Park IL

If your budget is tight, purchasing a brand-new vehicle can be difficult. Although we offer some superior financing here at Chevy Exchange, the monthly payments are often too high for someone looking to buy a new vehicle. Luckily, there is a solution. Here at Chevy Exchange we have a number of new Chevy demo vehicles for sale, and we are currently holding a special on those models for residents in Highland Park IL.

Demo vehicles are extremely appealing if you want to get a new Chevy vehicle but aren’t quite ready to commit to the prices that those vehicles come with. As we hold test drives here at the dealership, we need vehicles that our customers can test out. To keep the odometer readings stagnant on the new models, we designate a single vehicle of every model for test driving. That way we only have to put miles on a single model. However, now that 2015 models are beginning to roll in, we no longer need the demo vehicles.

For that reason, you can now purchase one of the vehicles through our limited time special. However, we suggest that you act quickly if you’re interested in reaping the benefits of this deal, as once the vehicles are gone, they’re gone. We still have a few in stock, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible if you find one that you like. Rest assured, you will never find prices on a new 2014 Chevy that are this low.

Some may be weary about purchasing one of these demo vehicles, but we can assure you that they’re just as great as the brand-new models. The only thing that separates our demo models from our new ones is that the vehicles used for demos have slightly higher mileage, and by slightly we mean slightly. All of the vehicles offered during this special event have only been taken around the immediate area surrounding our dealership. For that reason, they all operate just as efficiently as the vehicles in our new car inventory.

To see the models that we still have available, be sure to check out our page of Chevy demo vehicles. You can also view more details about the models and find the prices. Right now there are a wide variety of models available, but as we said, these are likely to go quickly, so be sure to act fast if you want to get one for yourself. As always, if you have questions, be sure to get in touch with us here at Chevy Exchange.